The association

Bouregreg Association

At the very birth of the association, a Promethean desire to always surpass itself. The genesis. From year to year, a firm determination to extend its roots to the origins of the city. Memory. For ever, the unshakable resolution to espouse the propensity of their city to rise higher in the firmament (...). The trend.

The progeny of Sale’s Ulysses still wavers: neither the secular Odyssean winds will prevent it from advancing, nor the black tides of the modern era will resist its relentlessness to contribute to the sculpture of this masterpiece called hope. The children of Sale are thus made. They, the navigators, the old wolves of the seas, who sailed a ship named Bouregreg, are ready to embark in the course of their Odyssey all those who have faith in the future, and for whom each horizon conquered is a haven (a harbor), before leaving to conquer another.

Terrible children, they are constantly challenging themselves in order to be reborn from their ashes the following day: that is why they have made their association an organ of action - humanitarian, social, cultural, artistic ... and development - which is constantly being renewed, because it is also an organ of reflection that is constantly questioning what is already done, what is being done and what remains to be done or should be done.